DAC 2500

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About DAC 2500


This is the DAC2500 that will replace the DAC20. The construction is like the DAC20.

It is still a kind of a hybrid construction involving both tube and solid state.

The DAC is still based on the 24bit converter PCM1792 from Burr Brown. And the output stage is a single ended class A. The high voltage power supply for the output stage is based on a rectifier tube.

And the smoothing of the voltage is based on a LCLC circuit.

A lot of components used a special made from our specifications.



To ensure the best possible sound for the listener. And to ensure many years of satisfaction with the equipment. As the equipment is made to be simple in use, everybody can get the full pleasure of using it.

The use of delicate circuits and custom-made components will bring the sound to a higher level.



To ensure a high level of performance and still easy to use.



Electrical specification of the product DAC30



Input is based on the high demand of connectivity. It means that it would be possible to connect almost every source available. It could be game console, television, surround processors, cd-player, and streamers. The following inputs are available:


3X Toslink Optical.

2X RCA Coaxial 75-ohm input.

1X BNC Coaxial 75-ohm input.

1X XLR AES/EBU 110-ohm input.


1X Asynchrony USB interface.



Both XLR true balanced and RCA single ended output is available.

It is recommended to only use on output at a time.



A few pictures of the DAC2500. It is only available in our Black series.